Pacific Geographies #50 published

We are glad to inform you that the most recent issue #50 of our journal Pacific Geographies has been published online.

This is the editorial of the Pacific Geographies #50:


Dear readers,

Pacific Geographies celebrates it’s 50th issue and we are very happy to present to you recollections from former managing editors who share insight about their initial intention for the journal and thoughts on its current development.

We particularly appreciate that Günter Eisebith, the founding editor tells us more about this motivation to set-up the that time Pacific News, and also kindly thank Paul Blazek and Julia Albrecht for their contributions and their warm words about our journal.

Along with these tributes, we are convinced that we have been able to gather once again an interesting kaleidoscope of articles. The first paper examines the refugee crisis of the Rohingya who are often described as the most persecuted minority in the world. Geographer Stefan Bepler works for an NGO trying to alleviate the devastating situation at the refugee camps in Bangladesh and has been there himself in early 2018.

Raphael Rosner reports on New Caledonia, heavily dependent on nickel mining and torn between loyalists and pro-independent Kanak people. Raphael describes the situation of subcontracting in the case of the Koniambo project located at the Northern Province and thereby focuses on questions of indigenous entrepreneurship and social embeddedness.

Mats Garbe and Marion Struck-Garbe analyse the tragic situation of women in Papua New Guinea, who are frequently exposed to sexual assault, rape and domestic violence in both urban and rural areas.

Two book reviews complete the present issue of Pacific Geographies. Hermann Mückler looks at an in-depth analysis of the ecumenical movement in the Pacific and our regular reviewer Britta Schmitz discusses the extensive volume “Souls of China” exploring the various religious movements of this still communist party led country.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your readings of our jubilee issue.

The managing editors, Michael Waibel & Matthias Kowasch