The Association of Pacific Studies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Pazifische Studien [Aachen] e.V., APSA) was founded as inter-disciplinary network at the Department of Geography of the Technical University Aachen, Germany in 1987.

The first chairman of the APSA was Prof. Dr. Werner Kreisel, a geographer, who upheld this position until 2007.

The reason for the establisment of the APSA was the common interest in the countries of the Asian-Pacific Region, at the beginning, particularly in the Pacific island states.

Activities initiated, so far have been the implementation of workshops, conferences, public lecture series or poster exhibitions. To sustain these efforts a books series Pazifik Forum was started in 1990. In 1992, this was complemented by the publication of the semi-annual journal Pacific News (re-labelled into Pacific Geographies [PG] in 2012). The latter has developed into a major activity of APSA in recent years.

Above all, the APSA sees its role as one the most important science-based networks in Germany for people who are fascinated by the Asian-Pacific region and are interested in academic exchange.