8th edition of exhibition “China’s Metropolises in Transition”

As part of the CHINA TIME Hamburg event series initiated by the Hamburg Senate, APSA e.V., in cooperation with the Department of Geography of the University of Hamburg, is showing the 8th edition of the exhibition “China’s Metropolises in Transition”.

The 8th updated edition of the exhibition “China’s Metropolises in Transition” shows a total of 41 theme and photo posters in DINA1 format. In addition to expressive images, numerous elaborately designed maps and diagrams illustrate the current changes in this highly dynamic country.

The exhibition has four strands of content, each comprising 10 posters:

1) China at a glance,
2) Architecture & Urban Development,
3) Environment & Sustainability,
4) Creative and Cultural spaces.

School offer: There is an offer for teachers to bring the exhibition to their schools. This is usually combined with a dialogue-oriented introductory lecture focusing on Education for Sustainable Development. Interested people please like to get in touch with: Michael Waibel.

Exhibition 2018 “China’s Metropolises in Transition: The Second Transformation” on flickr: